Leadership Development
through Collective Wisdom!
An Executive Learning Program by the
School of Collective Intelligence
What do Ibn Khaldun and Steve Jobs have in common? They each drew upon the power of collective intelligence, a shared or group intelligence emerging from the collaboration, effort, and competition of many individuals.

C.I has emerged as a new transdisciplinary field, bringing together insights from political science, cognitive science, data science, philosophy, and business innovation to meet the challenges of this century.

How can leaders reconcile modernity and tradition? How can ground-breaking academic knowledge unlock the collective intelligence of companies and institutions? How can philosophy and humanized technology work together to transform how we live and work?

This is the purpose of our
unique executive education program.
Who is the Winter School in Collective Intelligence designed for?
Are you a senior, C-level executive or a community leader interested in:

-Finding the best ways to resolve conflict within your organization?
-Motivating and inspiring your collaborators on a daily basis?
-Understanding your leadership style and how this style can work with others?
-Leading your people and organization through critical changes?

This intensive, four-day program is designed for executives determined to resolve these questions by building collective intelligence within their organizations, aided by both state-of-the-art and ancestral knowledge.
About The School:
The School of Collective Intelligence is a ground-breaking center of excellence in research and pedagogy. Through a holistic approach that blends cutting-edge research and interdisciplinary methods, our teaching teams help leaders transform their organizations to solve complex problems. Launched in 2018 at the Université Mohammed VI Polytechnique, it offers an intensive formation in the fundamentals of cognition, data, organizational design, facilitation, and ethics through masterclasses, masters degrees, PhDs, and executive education.

The Université Mohammed VI Polytechnique (UM6P) was founded in 2013 in Ben Guerir, Morocco, as a center of excellence in research, innovation and education, focusing on social responsibility, food security and sustainable development. It currently offers 15 masters programs including joint degrees with HEC and the Ecole des Mines in France, and research collaborations with MIT and Columbia University in the US.
What you will learn:
This intensive course, rooted in both ground-breaking academic research and traditional principles of wisdom, will teach all students universal principles of collective intelligence and how to put them into action.

In particular, expect a focus on:
• Strategies of conflict mediation and overcoming resistance to change;
• Increasing leadership capacity in the middle of intense group dynamics;
• How to facilitate meaningful group wisdom;
• Thee use of innovative technologies in collective intelligence, including prediction markets, network mapping and open deliberation platforms.

This uniquely personal and experiential training will be based on a mix of skills and theory to hone your knowledge of principles of collective wisdom, opportunities to practice and apply your individual facilitation and leadership skills, with potential additional coaching from the teaching team and encounters across generations and cultures.
Class Location:

Located in the heart of the Marrakech palm grove yet just minutes away from the Medina, Hotel Les Deux Tours invites the visitors to experience a time away from time. Its private Garden & Pool Suites are scattered throughout a verdant 3-hectare park of labyrinthine Andalusian gardens, pools and fountains, combining traditional architecture and stylish décor with modern comforts…a world conceived for relaxation and focus!

The team:
Consultant and coach, Dr. David Baum integrates 30 plus years of experience as an internationally respected expert in change. His work includes conflict mediation in Northern Ireland, facilitating President Clinton's Summit for America's Future, designing walking conflict resolution meetings in the Middle East and large-scale change projects for Shell Oil, Barclays, GE and Fidelity Investments. He has worked with Jane Goodall, Oprah Winfrey, Rwandan President Paul Kagame and President Bill Clinton.

His clients have won the Nobel Peace Prize, The Conrad Hilton Humanitarian Prize, the World Children's Prize, the Malcolm Baldrige Award and the Clinton Global Citizen Award. He holds a doctorate in Psychology from Temple University and another in Divinity from Naropa.
Our four-day program explores four archetypes of collective leadership.

In a pioneering study, anthropologist Angeles Arrien found that more than 80% of human cultures share a moral framework linked to the four cardinal directions or seasons. Each archetype offers a distinct set of leadership tools, from constructing a shared vision to overcoming resistance to change. Putting this "shared moral language" to use, we can bridge divides and remake connections needed for collective intelligence to emerge.

Our morning sessions are dedicated to ideas, placing innovative science in dialogue with native wisdom. Our afternoons are dedicated to practice, with interactive exercises and "dialogues in motion". Each day will close in an "evening encounter" to help us integrate the day's work over delicious food and conversation.

Wednesday 15th:
A welcome
Opening dinner at Les Deux Tours in Palmaraies; first "dialogue in motion" on the hotel's garden paths.
Thursday 16th:
North: the way of the warrior.
· Principles: Teaches and develops action, focus, clarity and courage.

· Scientific methods: Cognitive science, overcoming blind spots and biases in our reasoning. Harnessing cognitive diversity to solve complex problems.

· Evening encounter: what ancestral traditions can help us solve 21st-century problems?

Friday 17th:
South: the way of the healer.
· Principles: Teaches and develops collaboration, relationship building, trust and compassion. The skills of listening with ones heart and servant leadership are the foundations.

· Scientific methods: Emotional and social intelligence. Behavior change, "nudge theory" and architectures of choice. Cultural literacy as a leadership tool.

· Evening encounter: what do young people understand about this century that we don't?
Saturday 18th:
East: the way of the visionary.
· Principles: Teaches and develops expansive thought, creative possibility and multi faceted problem solving. The skills of expansive thinking and charismatic leadership are the foundations.

· Scientific methods: Prediction science. Crowdsourcing as a tool to manage complexity. How to identify "superforecasters" within any team or organization.

· Final banquet and musical celebration
Sunday 19th:
West: the way of the teacher.
· Principles: Teaches and develops detached wisdom, methodical problem solving and rational thinking. The skills of wise judgment and focused leadership are the foundations.

· Scientific methods: Philosophy and cross-cultural epistemology. "Western" and "Southern" paradigms of truth. Epistemic humility as a leadership tool.

· Honorable closing and departure
Info and Contact
The class is limited to 20 participants, registered on a first-come, first-serve basis.

The class dates are January 15th-19th, 2020, opening with a dinner Wednesday evening and finishing on Sunday afternoon.

Registration ends December 15th.
To register, please send a message of interest to Malika@collectiveintelligence.school.
Class fees are 27000 MAD before tax, including full room, board, and amenities for the four-night stay.

For questions, please contact:
Malika Laasri, Global Institute for Collective Intelligence
+212 660-120666
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